2021 PES FSA Testing

2021 PES FSA Testing DATES & INFO
Posted on 04/11/2021

🌟ALL 3rd-5th grade FSA Testing will be administered in-person   with  “paper & pencil” in April & May 2021!🌟

🌟⏰Each test will be 2 days for 80 mins each except 4th & 5th grade

* 4th & 5th grade Writing is only 1 day 120 mins!

 (*Students with accommodations will have up to double time)

3rd Grade (FSA ELA/Reading): April 7 & 8 3rd Grade (FSA Math): May 11 & 12
4th Grade (FSA ELA/Writing): April 13 4th Grade (FSA ELA/Reading): May 4 & 5 4th Grade (FSA Math): May 13 & 14
5th Grade (FSA ELA/Writing): April 13 5th Grade (FSA ELA/Reading): May 4 & 5 5th Grade (FSA Math): May 13 & 14 5th Grade (SSA Science): May 18 & 19

🎉🤩Please ENCOURAGE our STARS to DO THEIR BEST on the FSA Test by:

💻Taking the FSA practice tests online at:

😴⏰Getting a good night’s sleep each day before the test 

🍳🥓🍽️Eat a good breakfast (Free hot breakfast for all test-takers in the cafeteria)

🧥🥶Bring a jacket (just in case it gets cold)

⚠️🔇🔕Please remind the students that BEFORE testing to TURN OFF all their electronics. If their cellphone or other electronic goes off during testing that can be cause for test invalidation!⚠️🔇🔕

🌟⏰Come to school on time for EACH DAY OF FSA TESTING, before 8:00 a.m.!! 🌟⏰

🎉🤩To encourage & support our STAR test-takers, everyone is encouraged to wear specific colors for the beginning of each grade's test:
🎉🤩Wed., April 7: Wear WHITE
 collared shirt and khaki bottoms for 3rd graders!
🎉🤩Tues., April 13: Wear RED or BLUE with khaki bottoms for our 4th & 5th graders!
2021 FSA Testing Dates for Class Dojo English flyer
2021 FSA Testing Dates for Class Dojo SPANISH Flyer